Hi, I'm Jayanth.

I'm a Technical UX Designer looking to be the bridge between Design and Development. I'm currently completing my Masters in Human-Computer Interaction at Carnegie Mellon University. I'm the creator of Compost.
Previously a software developer at Element 84.

Check out my portfolio

B7G Capstone Project

Understanding Financial Data Nonvisually (Work In Progress)`


Using Contextual Inquiry to find Product Market Fit

Wolf Goes To School

Prototyping the Future of Video Games


Mobile service design for parking services


Web service design for prospective CMU students

MindMapper: a investigation into bringing insight to EEG Devices

Product Design in bringing EEG Devices to the Consumer Market

Jhana: An exploration of the Experience Sampling Method

Exploratory design on translating psychology research to the Apple Watch

Jobs: A look into Data Viz and Machine Learning

Using Machine Learning to create meaningful information visualizations

Want to get in Touch?

I'm always excited to collaborate on projects and learn more from others. If you'd like to get in touch, feel free to contact me over email at jayprat95[at]gmail.com or contact me on social media as listed below. If you'd like to view my resume, click here.